Pricing & Hours of Operation for Gallery/Museum  


Open Year Round (Excluding Major Holidays and 9/11):


Open Daily  9 am to 11 pm


All ID’s must be reviewed by various staff members.  We prefer if you bring a birth certificate for children if you can provide one. If you cannot provide a birth certificate for the child, we may be forced to allow or not allow via height of a child in various areas of the facility. 


Unfortunately, due to the market size for mental health disabilities & illnesses, we will NOT apply a discount for such disabilities. This is because due to our reasonable accommodation for our ownership to function properly and function efficiently monetary wise we cannot allow this discount for everyone.  Some restrictions are subject to change &/or apply.  However, if you are able to present a doctor's note in regards to your disability we shall make the exception.


The Gallery/ARTaurant Opens Doors at:

9 am to close at 11 pm.  Hours are subject to change.  During the first hour, guests may take the time to get prepared & get their admissions tickets, browse the store, view order areas & visit JENNAeral ARTaurant. Guests can view the remaining areas at 10 am till 10 pm. Tickets CANNOT be purchased after 9 pm, however, it remains open for guests until 10 pm and allows people with or without the ticket to go to The ARTaurant until 11 pm.


JENNAeral ARTaurant:

ARTaurant is open daily from 9 am to 11 pm including buffet until it’s gone. Free Wi-Fi. Buffet becomes half priced at 8 pm till closing.  Contingency, this is only valid until all buffet trays are empty.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  However, there will be a small sandwich snack menu available only till the last half an hour before closing for the night.



Open 10 am to 7 pm Monday-Thursday (school days). Open Fridays, Saturdays, & Summer days open 10 am to 8 pm.   Sunday open 10 am to 7 pm.  Subject to special hours during school breaks & Art Camp Days.


Day Passes (Coupons Valid):

Adult: Weekdays: $18 & Weekends: $21. Kids under 2 years old: FREE.

Child: (age 3 to age 12) Weekdays: $8 & Weekends:  $11.

Teen: (age 13 to age 17) Weekdays: $12 & Weekends: $15. 

Student: $15 any day of the week.

Military/Police/Fire/EMT/Senior over 55 &/or Disability Adult or Child with Aid: Weekdays Only: $11 & Weekends: $13.

Full Weekend &/or two-day pass: $29 everyone.

JENNAeral Night Pass: $9 any season &/or any night for anyone from 8 pm to 10 pm.


Yearly Passes (Coupons NOT Valid):

Adults: $81

Yearly Passes for ages 3-17:  Not applicable. Must pay the daily rate. Possible negotiation with teens and after-school projects at 30% off & kids under 2 free.

Yearly Passes: 30% off Military/Police/EMT’s/Fire &/ Disability (Mental Disability NOT included - unless Dr. Note) offer is:  $57 all year long.

Yearly Wegmans tickets: 25% off at $61 all year long

College Student:  35% off at $52 all year long.

Yearly TOPS tickets: 25% off $61 all year long (must present valid college ID).


JENNAeral Specials:


The Chosen Spot Special (Not valid with coupons):

Must have a receipt from JENNAeral Store/Michaels/JoAnne & Fabrics/Walmart purchase for 40% off general yearly admission ($81) with the purchase of $11 minimum for 4 people maximum, which would be $44 purchase for 4 people.  Each member will receive 15 CreateRATION tickets per person for the entire year. Additional tickets $2 to $3 per person there afterward. We will only accept receipts no more than 1 week old. Restrictions and information are subject to change at any time.


AbbyRATIONal Deal:

$2 off daily ticket & 20% off in JENNAeral Store or Order Area. Must have a special story to bring at Admission Gate where you would submit your short 300 words  (love) story on paper (already written)/or via email in regards to of how you have balanced love & business.  Try to discuss maintaining & handling your love life with a career & personal story.  Also, if you want to say what or how you are improving upon in this aspect of your life & what you have done.  This will go in a future book called JENNArate Love. You may do this during the one hour lapse before purchasing the admission ADULT only ticket.


Seasonal Passes: 

2 seasons: (May 1st to October 31st or November 1st to April 30th) $43 for anyone. Choice of one season ONLY one per person.


Passes at Various Attractions:

Canandaigua & Geneva Chamber of Commerce’s, The Canandaigua Inn on the Lake, Bristol Harbor, Bristol Mountain/Roseland Waterpark, Studio B, GAGV, AFSP, Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack, Bellhurst Castle: (All 2 day passes) for $25 each per person


Coupons at Crosswinds: $3 off daily admission.

Various other coupons in areas from $1 to $3 off admission day passes at AFSP ($1) GAGV ($3), Naked Dove ($2), Red Cross Blood Donation ($3), Twisted Rail ($2).

Some daily donations tickets for GAGV & AFSP, in which they may use them in whatever way they wish.


Friends & Family discounts: 50% off all tickets & ARTaurant. Must be used that day, unless otherwise noted.  2 Adult Tickets Maximum per month.  Order for paintings is not included.


GAGV & AFSP Executives, Studio B, Crosswinds Executives & each executive will receive 2 yearly Passes each New Year until the end of time.


Detailed Information for Rules/Regulations

Plus Pricing on 2nd floor:



Hours of operation listed above & are subject to change.


JENNAeral CreateRATIONS is on the second floor available for all ages.  JENNAration Artwork allows you to bring items in to save some money to use on CreateRATIONS (2nd) floor.  It helps on inventory for our property & also benefits Michaels/Walmart/JoAnne & Fabrics or our store, JENNAeral Store.  Minimum items per person are for 3 CreateRATIONS tickets per person via Maximum tickets per day is 8.  Pricing is listed later. 

All must still pay General Admission for each person for the Gallery JENNAration Artwork.  Aids for disabilities are not required to pay admission as long as they are only helping the assisted disabled person. If not we have people on staff to assist the person with the disability.  It’s an extra $10 per hour for up to 3 stations. Anything more than that would be $15 per hour up to 8 tickets/stations. Again, maximum allowed without items at JENNAeral CreateRATIONS is 8 tickets per person, unless there are parties booked with special requests and/or other events in the 2 Meeting Rooms (1 room would hold 25 or less) (2nd meeting room would hold close to 45 people) Using both we can open the divider for 70 maximum.  This is negotiable and can review the calendar of events at the order area, in which handles the agenda for such parties. Everyone who buys materials each ticket is still subject to pay $1 to $2 via depending upon what is brought in.  This is due to help cover various expenses at J.A. Again, you must show a receipt from the following stores JENNAeral Store/Michaels/Walmart/JoAnne & Fabrics stores along with your JENNAeral admission ticket. This also does not include the Yearly Deals. Receipts must be no longer than one week old. This is a saving up to 50% off for Regular JENNAeral CreateRATIONS.


JENNAeral CreateRATIONS Pricing: 

Adult/Children Disabilities/Veterans/Military/Law Enforcement WITH items

Get 3 FREE tickets per person ONLY (Restrictions Apply): 

If someone has a disability they must be accompanied by an Aid (If a person needs an aid that can be requested prior to arrival or at arrival.) They MUST bring in purchased items to use at JENNAeral CreateRATIONS for the 3 FREE tickets.  Items must be bought at JENNAeral Store/Michaels/Walmart/JoAnne/Hobby Lobby stores or various small art stores. They must pay for general admission (Disability/Veterans/Miltary/Law Enforcement) to get on the 2nd floor for the JENNAreral CreateRATIONS discounts. You still must contribute towards CreateRATIONS and just because you brought the items we still charge $1 per each CreateRATION and minimum of 3 CreateRATIONS & Maximum of 8 tickets.   Which makes a savings of $8 to $24 average per person. Dependent upon how many CreateRATIONS tickets are bought.

Adult/Children Disabilities/Veterans/Military/Law Enforcement WITHOUT items (no free tickets)  

Rates are $7 for 3 CreateRATIONS, $10 for 5 CreateRATIONS, & 8 CreateRATIONS is $15. Guest must choose 1 of 3 price categories. Subject to changes.


Standard Adult/Child WITH items:

3 CreateRATIONS for $6, 5 CreateRATION ticket for $8,  8 Tickets for $11 .

Standard Adult or Child WITHOUT items:  

3 CreateRATIONS for 3 for $9, 5 for $13 and, 8 for $16.

Rental apron: $3

Buy Apron: At JENNAeral Store with logo $15 for Adults & $8 kids. Or in JENNAeral CreateRATIONS you can make your own apron for $8 Adults and $5 for kids.

Meeting space rental is $20 per hour for smaller space & $25 per hour for larger space.  You must organize the details.  However, you must agree to terms of the space rented.  You must only use during your specific hours in which we may hold various parties during the day.  Allow time for setting up and turning down to such as decorating & cleaning.

FREEBIES: Bring an old toothbrush or borrow ours & play with splatter wall. Use of hallway with washable paints. Entire hallway of chalk, paint, markers, and colored pencils. (All washable).  Various sinks in different spots to help you clean your child or yourself. Shoe covers FREE with pass must return in Laundry bin on your way out.


Golftistic - 3rd Floor – No discounts -Weekdays, add $2 more for weekends and holidays.


Adults 9 Holes- $5

Children to age 11- 9 Holes - $3

Adults 18 Holes - $7

Children to 11 - 18 Holes - $5

Child before 4 age - Free






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