JENNAeral ARTaurant: 


Open Year Round (9 am to 11 pm).


Coffee from Fingerlakes Roasters (various flavors): $1.50 to $3 per cup (small, medium or large).


Fresh Brewed Tea/iced or hot from Wegmans (sweet or unsweetened flavors):  $1 per cup (Any size).


Shakelogy package with ice and water blended  (various flavors): $8 per bottle. Comes with one package of Shakelogy & display JENNAration Bottle & Studio B on it too, if Melissa would like that and 10% either way, meaning we give 10% off ARTauant & Studio B when they visit again. Both of our websites & logos would be on the bottles.


Small A La Carte Menu: However, various Daily sandwiches & other specials via Grilled Cheese V Style: $4 various cheese choices and bread types made with Sandwich Makers (no butter or mayo), In memory of my Aunt (Kathy Lowenthal) would have Cheese and Peanut butter for a sandwich used in sandwich maker – only available with JA Pallet & Paint Brush each side of sandwiches burned in logos.  


More Sandwiches TBD. Suggestions: Reubens? Turkey Melt,  Burger Melt sandwiches




Seltzer water or bottled water/flavored water from Wegmans &/or TOPS = $1.


Wegmans Glass Mineral Water (Lemon Grass) = $2 (various other flavors)


Papa's Juice: Squirt soda & Orange juice (2 types - No pulp or Pulp)


Loganberry Drink: $2


Ginger Ale (Various Flavors) Wegmans or TOPS: $2


Saranac Glass Root beer Wegmans or TOPS: $2


Coffee/Espresso Wegmans of TOPS - $2 any size


Fresh Lemonade


JENNAeral ARTaurant Menu



Breakfast a la carte– Monday – Friday (9 am to Noon): Breakfast sandwiches of your choose – 1 egg or tofu, 1 Turkey or pork sausage, bacon or Canadian bacon, a slice of various cheeses,  with English muffin or bagel or croissant or puff bagel, real home fries, and drink.  $6.  More to come, however no omelets - too much mess with adults and kids



BreakRATIONS Buffet: 9 am to 1 pm - Saturdays & Sundays Only (Reservations preferred): Scrambled eggs, bacon, turkey bacon, sausage links, turkey links, gluten free waffles, gluten free pancakes, French toast, fresh maple syrup...More TBD. All U can eat.  Adults: $9, Teens aged 13 - 17: $7, Kids aged 5 - 12: $5, Kids aged 4 or younger eat FREE. Half off at Noon to 1 pm while supplies last.



The Chosen Spot Buffet 9 am to 10pm (If someone would like both buffets its an additonal $2 for Both buffets from 11 am to 1 pm add $2:  Open daily from 11 am to 11 pm. Salad Bar, Soup Bar, Burger/Chicken/Veggie Sandwiches/Chicken Sausage/Zweigels, Fruit Salad, Various other salads, Cheetos, Various Kettle Chips, Baked Ziti, Baked Potatoes with toppings & Veggie Chili, remaining stuff from breakfast until it's gone.  Unlimited for adults $11, Teens 13-17 : $9, Kids 5-12 $7, & under 4: Free.  Half off at 9 pm to 11 pm - half off after 9 pm. However, once it's gone - it's gone.  No more cooking after 9 pm. Kitchen staff may leave early if gone and cleaned up.


Everything is subject to change.  




Wegmans Sorbet & Ice cream - $3 with various flavors.


One discount per person.  Hours subject to change. No other discounts apply.  Any questions contact Admissions personnel or management. Parties over 6 people must try to make a reservation at ARTaurant unless we are slow.  Parties will need to go over an agreement for the meetings rooms the sooner the better.  All reservations for the party must make a non-fundable deposit of 50%t to hold the spot.






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