Holiday Hobbies


More items TBD at a later time. Must discuss various other crafts with fellow JA staff and/or if customers ideas suggestions. 


However, for all year round, JENNAration Halloween Costumes by Saphire will take bookings for the current year.  Must pre-order her costumes before August 31st. Booking after August 31st would be an additional $99.


Christmas items begin November 1st through December 24th. This would be ornaments, stocking, cooking X-mas cookies, making snowmen in the yard, and various other stuff TBD.  Children must be with an adult.


Easter egg hunt with hand made eggs from one of the station will begin on March 1st to Easter Day.  We will have a week long Easter Egg hunt during the week school is out.


June 1st to July 3rd would design anything Red, White, Blue.  Some designs for both Memorial Day, Veterans Day, & 9-11.  


TBD more ...



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